How to Increase your Landscaping Company’s visibility on Google?

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If you are reading this article, you are probably a landscaping company owner or thinking about starting a landscaping company. Ultimately you want to be able to achieve a successful presence on the web. You are at the right place!

It is almost 2020 and all lawn care companies in your local area have their very special websites. Luckily this doesn't mean they are unbeatable thanks to our very successful landscaper SEO tactics you can outdo them in less than 2 years. Even if you've just opened your landscaping company it doesn't mean you can't compete with your local landscapers.

If you already had a landscaping website for over 2 years but can't get new clients on daily or weekly basis you might have a problem with the backend part of your website. You should check out our most common mistakes on a regular self-made website article here. If none of the steps we have mentioned in our article applies to you then you should start further investigating to get the bottom of the problem.

1- Type the full name of your website on Google

Let's check if your website is registered on Google at all. Just type the full name of your website on Google. It should look like this

If your website isn’t appearing in Google SERP at all, this might possibly mean that your website is blacklisted by Google. Let’s make sure if that is the case. You can go to website below and do a search to see if your website was reported to Google as spam.

If this is not the case and your website is appearing in Google SERP keep reading our article.

landscaper websites
2- Check your Google Webmasters page to see if you have any impressions.

This step will allow you to see what your website is already ranking for. If you don’t have a Google webmaster account yet, you can open a new one by clicking the link below.

If your website isn’t ranking for any keywords this might mean many things, but you should start by checking if you have a sitemap submitted on webmasters account page by clicking the “Sitemaps” under Index section. If you don’t have a sitemap yet just download Screaming Frog program on your computer and create a sitemap for free.

3- Check if your website has any content in it crawlable by Google

If you are a lawn care professional, you should be writing about the services and products you offer on your website in details. Consumers and Google want to know the details of the services you offer. If you are offering Fertilization Services, you should be describing the details of that particular service on a separate web page. All your services should be listed under one page as well as the index page.

We are serving lawn care specialists with our special ‘high visibility on web’ packages. We can increase your visibility in your local search results. You can reach us at 1-615-538-5410.

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