What an SEO professional will do for your business?

Ranking higher in desired search queries is something that every business dreams of, including us! In this article, we will explain to you what your SEO professional will do for your organization. We will also give you several great tips to increase the work efficiency of your SEO professional.

Successful SEO is a combination of doing many things correctly for a long period. In this marathon like journey, you will want to work with an honest web solutions company that will want to help you be the number one source for your desired search queries. However, finding an honest SEO company is challenging for various reasons:

What do you need to put on your website to rank better in Google and Bing search results?

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  1. You should write the name of your article in h1 tags.
  2. All articles must have a decent length to have a high reputation by the eyes of Google bots.
  3. You should include the proper meta tags to your articles.
  4. You should include your structured data tags. (Then check them with Google structured data testing tools)
  5. You should include your social media tags so that when people share your article, all the details will pop up automatically without those sharing it manually needing to take extra steps.
  6. Make sure your website is malware free.
  7. Your website loading speed must cut edge to compete with other website owners.
  8. Your website must be accessible for people who have color blindless and blindness. You can do this by adding label tags to your form inputs and buttons.

Now let’s get to the point! What an experienced SEO professional would do for your company website:

  1. Each article you write must be well written with a professional language and make good points.
  2. The articles must educate and can’t contain ads or sale pitches. (If you want to advertise your business in the articles you write, you can always use links to direct to the related product or the service page)
  3. The articles should be at least 300 words. (Longer articles more likely to rank better in search results)
  4. Focus on the quality of the articles and stop worrying about keyword density!
  5. The articles should be easy to read without repeating and sticky sentences.
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